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Hi! I'm Kitty Reeves and I'm a hobby enthusiast! Over the years I've picked up many hobbys: cross-stitch, crochet, decopauge, reading, learning languages, polymer clay, resin casting, video games, dungeons & dragons ... and I've dipped my toes into even more, including needle felting, wood burning, and glass engraving. I can never settle on just one hobby - I love trying new things! This blog will be a resitng place for any enthusiasts to get hints, tips, and inspiration.


I use crafting as a way to manage my anxiety and other mental illnesses I have, so you may see some mindset and mental health related posts popping up. I'm also a huge advocate for sustainable and eco-friendly living, so I'm hoping to share my tips and experiences on how to make greener choices.

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Who am I?

I'm a 25 year old with a mathematics degree and too many hobbies! I live with my incredible partner of 5 & 1/2 years and our 3 (three!) cats: Maple (pictured left, 'helping' me crochet), Willow, and Holly. Due to the pandemic and job searching I have been able to dedicate more of my time to my hobbies, and I wanted to share that passion with the wider world.