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DIY Gifts You Can Make For Your Book Loving Friends!

My friendship group and I are big readers, but when it comes to gifts, I can get stumped.

When they have stacked shelves that rival libraries, it's impossible to know if they've already got the book you wanted to buy for them.

So, what's the solution?

Try these handmade gift ideas for bookworms!

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Crochet Bookmark

Okay so this was my first attempt and I used yarn that was too thick to really show the detail because I was in desperate need of a bookmark, but I still love how it turned out!

This is my absolute favourite idea for a gift for readers. You can never have too many bookmarks, and they are super quick to whip up - great for last minute handmade gifts!

I really recommend this yarn from LoveCrafts, I love multicoloured yarn and since this is a short project, using an ombre or colour changing yarn won't look as effective because you don't get to use enough of it.

So rainbow yarn it is!

rainbow yarn

This yarn takes 2-3 mm crochet hooks, so it's thin enough to get some stunning detail!

I used this tutorial here, and as a person who is super new to crochet I found this tutorial very easy to follow!

You only use double crochet, chain, and slip stitches and the pattern is mostly just repeating the same steps over and over until you get the length you want, so it really is a great beginner friendly crochet tutorial.

Not your style? Don't worry, there are so many different options!

thread chicken vinyl sticker

Floral crochet bookmark tutorial:

Feather crochet bookmark tutorial:

Hearts crochet bookmark tutorial:

Origami Bookmark

Don't crochet? Don't worry!

All you need for this craft is some square paper and some patience, and you'll be able to make this stunning butterfly bookmark that you place on the corner of your page.

Once you get the hang of it, you can make a whole fleet of these paper bookmarks in a whole variety of colours and patterns, and they'll be fairly quick to create!

There's such a variety of origami paper designs out there, so you can find the perfect pattern to fit your friend's aesthetic, but I personally think this pack has a great selection!

origami bookmark paper

You can find the tutorial on how to create these bookmarks here: